Lyme Disease expert, Holistic Health Coach, & mama of two boys, helping you embrace life naturally to create a life you love!

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“I’m forever grateful to have learned about natural options. I love using natural products to help my little ones when they’re sick or get hurt. It’s such an incredible feeling to know that I’m using nature to support health in their little bodies! In a world where they get bombarded with so much junk, it’s awesome to know that at least in my home, I have the choice to use natural solutions with my kids. Thank you, Lindsay!” – Barb F.
“Lindsay really helped me get my feet on the ground again using natural solutions. I used to be exhausted and feel really run-down all the time. Now my energy is excellent, I run my own business and travel as much as I want to! I have my life back again and feel great knowing that my health is maintainable: it’s all-natural!”  -Cynthia D.,
“Lindsay is a great example of healthy, balanced living, without being dogmatic. She’ll help you achieve your health goals no matter where you’re starting from, without judgement. She radiates health and can help you feel fantastic with her natural eating and living protocols. She’s amazing! Trust her with your health and you’ll be happy!” — Karen H., Spa owner,

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Here at Sundance Romance, I share some of what I’ve learned over the past 16 years.  I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach, health business owner and author. I searched for years to find the best methods and  products to help support health, which means the process of supporting a healthy, energetic lifestyle can be a lot faster for you!

I love sharing what I’ve learned here, and as a Coach. I believe health and energy are possible using natural solutions – all without side-effects.

I believe you can dive into natural health options and embrace your life naturally, too – and I’ll show you how! I can’t wait to see where your natural health journey will take you!

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