My journey to Give Abundance:

A few years ago, I lived in Belize, doing international development (sometimes called humanitarian work). It forever changed my life, in so many ways – how I view the world, the way I use my resources, my views on abundance. My heart was touched as I saw real life struggles, heartbreak, poverty and also joy. I cherish life so much more now. I came to realize my situation in life is different from much of the world, and that my single efforts really do ease other’s burdens, allowing them to live with more of the abundance I’m the grateful recipient of.

Until I lived in a developing nation, I didn’t know that I have, what I call, a “humanitarian heart.” I felt something spark and come alive in me, a passion I hadn’t felt since I stopped pursuing my career as a concert pianist. Lifting others through the work I did there allowed me to feel completely alive, joyful and whole again. I came to love the feeling that my simple and small efforts help someone else out in a big way. 

What I learned in Belize about living and giving abundance has shaped all areas of my life. For me, living abundantly is directly tied to giving abundance to others. I feel most alive and passionate about my own life as I share my abundance with others. That’s the key to life for me.

What do I have that’s so great in life? I’ve got all the basics – food, clothing, shelter – and then a whole lot more:

  • Vibrant health
  • Financial abundance
  • Education
  • Happiness
  • Personal fulfillment & empowerment as a health coach

Sharing this abundance with others is what makes life real for me. Living and giving abundantly are so integrally connected for me now that I can’t separate the two: I live abundance when I give abundance…and I give abundance when I live it.

What does living and giving abundance look like for you?

Be a part of our Live & Give initiative!

  • Purchase your essential oil Wholesale Account here. Sundance Romance makes a donation through our Live & Give initiative with your purchase. As you invest in your health, you’re also investing in others. Thank you!
  • After you get your Wholesale Account, keep purchasing essential oils through it. As you do, you’re a part of  Doterra’s Co-Impact Sourcing model. You give yourself the gift of health while making an ongoing difference in someone’s life.
  • Contact us to become more involved in lifting those in developing nations. We’d love you to join our cause!

Looking for More? Work with me!

Ready to create abundance in your life?
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This sums up how I feel about living and giving abundance: