I’m pregnant with my number 2! It’s thrilling to carry new life inside me. I wake up early in the morning and feel a “little lump” sitting in my abdomen. I reach out my hand and cradle the precious new life inside me. It’s indescribable.

I get thinking about the miracle of it all. I have life within me. I love being a woman and getting this opportunity! I wouldn’t trade it for any other experience I’ve ever had, not traveling abroad, living in foreign countries, studying to be a concert pianist, or any award, dream or goal I’ve ever made and accomplished. For me, nothing compares.

But this pregnancy has challenged me like few things in my life, too. I’ve been incredibly sick, to the point that I left AZ where I live, brought my toddler to my mom’s house another state away, and have been hanging out on my parents couch for 6 weeks now. I’ve felt awful. I mean really, really awful. And because I’m committed to a natural lifestyle and pregnancy, I’m not taking medication. I know a lot of people don’t understand. They want me to just take something for the nausea and get on my feet again. But they haven’t been where I’ve been.

At age 23, I suffered from a lot of side effects from taking medications. I was sick from illness, and sick from all the side-effects of medications that were supposed to be helping me feel better. Side-effects I suffered from included headaches, depression, joint aches and severe intestinal issues (from a med that was taken off the market after I’d used it for 3 years – people were suffering a side-effect of heart attacks and death – go figure) to name a few. Plus, I had to keep taking bigger doses of everything to get the same effect. I was really hurting.

When I discovered natural solutions, I realized I had the power to change my life and support a healthy body with zero side-effects. The road wasn’t short, but it is incredibly rewarding! I am empowered to care for myself and my little ones without being dependent on someone else to prescribe me drugs.

It’s hard to think that something we do today affects us in a real way down the road. We can’t see inside our bodies very easily, so who’s to say that the things we eat and meds we take actually have any negative effect? For me, I absolutely know they do. I already got to live it out, to see what the effects were of putting medications into my body. It was not a pretty sight.

The nausea is starting to ease off a bit, and my energy in building up again. I’ve tried dozens of natural solutions to ease the nausea during this pregnancy, and have found some things that work for me to make it at least bearable. I keep reminding myself that it can’t last longer than 5 months (yippie! This little sweetheart will be here soon!) and that he won’t suffer any potential side-effects from medications, because I haven’t taken any! Do people understand what I’m doing? No. But they haven’t been where I’ve been. They’d probably understand if they had.

For me, it’s about trusting my instinct, trusting my body. My body’s telling me not to take medication right now. So I’m not. No matter how gross I feel or how difficult it might be, I try to find a way to honor and respect those messages. Our bodies are so smart! They’ll tell us exactly what we need to be balanced, if we just trust ourselves and listen. I’ve got a great support team who values my viewpoint and wants to support me in it. Because they know.

They understand that trusting our own bodies and minds is essential. Nobody knows your life like you do. Our minds and hearts will lead us to the best solutions for each of us. We just have to trust ourselves enough to know that’s true.

This is where I’ve been lead as I trust myself. I haven’t always trusted myself to make good decisions on my own path. But I trust myself now, and no matter what other people might think, it feels good to make decisions that I feel are best for me and my children. I know my past, and I trust the future will be awesome for us as we move forward and make our decisions, influenced by our experiences and intuition.

When I get discouraged and think I just can’t handle feeling awful for another day, I reach down and let my baby know that I’m doing it for him. I’ll keep using natural stuff without side effects because, for me, I just know it’s my best solution right now. That gives me courage and let’s me focus on the miracle of his little life again. What an honor it is to carry life and be a mom. It’s the best feeling to know I’m trusting myself and doing what I feel is best for him and me right now.

Are you struggling with pregnancy nausea? Here are some natural things that just might help!  

  • Ginger tea
  • Fresh ginger tea
  • Ginger essential oil – smell it, apply to wrists, taste it
  • Vitamin B
  • Sea bands
  • Clary Calm essential oil – balancing hormones can make a big improvement for nausea, and this blend’s great for that!
  • Peppermint tea
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Nux vomica homeopathic
  • Eating small servings of healthy carbs (whole grain crackers) or fruit
  • Ice – I know it’s simple, but this one has been awesome, especially when I’m dehydrated but can’t keep much down.
  • Chocolate – seriously, this has been awesome! My favorite brands are – Theo, Endangered Species and Justin’s. For me, the darker, the better!

What natural options have worked for you? I’d love to hear about them!