The other day, my mom asked Mikah if he wanted to help her make carrot juice. He was bouncing up and down, so excited, and immediately ran off to grab his step-stool. Now, Mikah does enjoy drinking carrot juice on a regular basis, but I’ve noticed that he’s especially enthusiastic to eat or drink something when he’s part of the process of making or buying it.

For example, when we’re outside, he’ll run over to a tomato plant and look around for the little ripe Sugar Sweet tomatoes (yum!), pick them and pop one after another in his mouth. He probably wouldn’t do that if we were eating dinner inside, at least not without a little encouragement. He also loves to shop around at a farmer’s market, and he’ll often come inside with a tiny (often very unripe) apple he’s munching on from an apple tree. He doesn’t even care if it’s still fully green – because he picked it himself!

I’ve noticed that other children seem to be similar in how they view food. I’ve seen kids be really excited to pick strawberries or raspberries from a plant outside and eat them right off the plants. As an adult, I’m not much different from these kids – I feel a huge sense of satisfaction when I grow something or pick something myself and eat it from the garden, or make a meal with it. It’s just so rewarding, somehow.

I love that connection I feel with the earth when I’m out in the garden gathering food, or that self-sufficiency I feel when I make dinner using fruits and veggies I bought at a fruit stand or at a farmer’s market.

So back to carrot juice, will your kid drink it if you make it together? I’m not sure, but I think the chances are a lot better of our kids drinking and eating fresh juices and fruits and veggies when they have a real connection with them.

If you want to make carrot juice together, here’s what we do. You can try it, too!

Carrot Juice Recipe

You’ll need:

  • About 10-12 carrots for an 8 oz glass of juice
  • A good juicer
    • If you’re into juicing and want to try what I think is the ultimate juicer, get a Champion Juicer! They are the very best, in my opinion, and will probably live longer than you will!
    • If you just want to give juicing a try and don’t want to invest in the Champion Juicer, I recommend this one.

What to do:

  • Scrub your carrots
  • Cut off tops
  • Peel carrots for a sweeter juice
  • Turn on your juicer, making sure you put it together correctly
  • Put the carrots in one-by-one

Kids can help with all stages of prep and juicing (with your help), so have fun together!

Drink up this amazing juice that’s packed with vitamins C, A and fiber! Cheers!


What’s your experience with fresh foods and kids? I’d love to hear about it!