It’s been 8 years now since my Sundance Romance began! I could hardly believe it as I sat on the chairlift with Kyle the other day. The sun was shining, there was a little breeze and the smell of pine trees was everywhere. I couldn’t help but think back to several years ago and just be amazed at where my life is today! I didn’t know back then that my life could be so beautiful as it is now. So much has changed since that day Kyle and I met 8 years ago!

My health is the biggest one I notice right off. To read about what it was like 8 years ago, you can read this.

As the chairlift took us higher up the mountain last Saturday, I looked over at Kyle and thought about us. We’ve gone through a lot in the past 8 years together:

  • We diligently worked on getting my health to a better place
  • We got married and started our life together
  • We grew and changed
  • We lived in Belize and fell in love with international development
  • We buried our beloved Grandpa Welby
  • I got healthy enough to have a child(!)
  • We have a 2-year-old son and a baby on the way
  • We moved twice and
  • We both graduated from college (just to name a few highlights).

As our chair continued, I had a flashback to my first ski date with Kyle, when I found myself laughing so hard, I felt dizzy looking down from the chair. Back then, it stood out to me because I had so little to laugh about in my life. Things were pretty painful then. I laughed with Kyle now and thought of how much I had to be happy about each day now.

As I compare where I was 8 years ago to now:

On Saturday:

  • I skied a few runs at 5 months pregnant(!)
  • my pain levels are low
  • I’m no longer dependent on my parents – in fact, I’m a parent myself (yay!)
  • I run a health business, and
  • I’m married to that guy I couldn’t stop thinking about 8 years ago (and I still can’t stop thinking about him! 🙂

My natural health journey is still that – a journey. But it’s been such a great one, with amazing results. It feels good to be where I am today. My body doesn’t hurt constantly and I can do things I love in my life. It’s really astounding to me when I think of all the positive changes that have happened in my life in the past few years. I know so much of it is due to the natural solutions I discovered and applied then and now. I couldn’t be more grateful.

8 years ago, I don’t think I could’ve imagined my life today. All I knew then is that I wanted to keep going on the path I was on. I didn’t know if I’d ever marry or be able to have kids, if I’d ever be out of daily pain, if I’d have a job or finish school or achieve any of my other dreams. But I liked skiing and I liked the guy I’d just met. I felt that somehow there was an answer for my health. So, I kept on that path and just took it step by step.

My personal Sundance Romance lead me where I am now. I worked hard to find solutions for my health, and then I really started to fall in love with my life as I regained my health. Things felt so much better when I wasn’t in constant pain. And without pain dictating my life, I then was able to have the energy to create a life I love today. Having my health again was really the key to living my life again. I feel fortunate to have had a great support team, including Kyle, who’s been by my side the whole way.

I hope you can fall in love with your life, too, and create a life you love! It might not happen overnight, but maybe you’ll walk the path you feel motivated to follow and find yourself surprised and amazed when a little ways down that road, you find yourself in an incredible place. I hope so! If you’re longing for better health or a change in career, maybe I can help! Check out my journey and resources and see if there’s something there for you.

That’s why I created this blog in the first place, to try and help others like me who want to find a better quality of life. I know how dark life can feel when there’s no spark, when there’s so little hope. But I also know that that can change, and life can be full and awesome! I’m passionate about helping people find hope again in their lives because of my own journey. I know how good feeling great is. I would so love to help you create your own Sundance Romance for your life!

As I think of the next 8 years, who knows what great things will happen from now to then! I imagine I’ll still be skiing with Kyle, and maybe something will happen again in another 8 years that will remind me of when our Sundance Romance all began – the complex, amazing, twisting journey we call life. I plan to still be laughing and in love with Kyle, and to be even more in love with my life – because I now understand I really can create a life I love.
I don’t have control over all the events and circumstances that make up my life, but I really am empowered to change so much, to the point that I feel in control of it. And that’s something to fall in love with every day.