I’d heard about “pregnancy brain” in the past, but until today, I really didn’t think it was real! I thought it was just an excuse women used for feeling foggy in the head. But I’m gonna say…I think it’s real! I’m about 1 ½ weeks from my due date and the past few days I’ve hardly been able to think straight! And now that I’m in the “final stretch,” I also feel like there are about 1,000 things to do before the baby comes – preparing meals, shopping, making sure my toddler feels ready for this transition, buying baby diapers, a bunch of stuff for the blog…and maybe even doing a total makeover on my house (ha, ha). How much of this is going to happen before Little Mr. Baby’s big debut? Probably none of it. Well, maybe the diapers, if the Honest shipment makes it here before he does.

Why isn’t it going to happen? Well, besides the fact that I don’t want to get out of bed every morning (how is that making a baby is SO tiring!), I can’t quite think straight about everything that even needs to get done. Then I start to get a little anxious and I keep thinking that once the baby comes, life as I know it is going to end. I won’t have any time to do anything – take care of my toddler, take a shower, eat – you know, all those kinda important things.

But if I take a deep breath and step back from it all, and maybe put my feet up, too, I realize that this is just another phase of life coming up. Maybe I can’t think straight right now, and that’s ok. Maybe when the baby comes, I really won’t have time to take a nice long shower every day – and that’s ok, too. Taking that deep breath and staying present is definitely not easy for me to do, and I still am wishing I weren’t so tired and fuzzy in the brain – but it really is just life, and if I embrace this moment and stay present, I know it’s all gonna be ok. In fact, it’s probably gonna be awesome – a newborn and a toddler – that kind of sounds fun, right?!


This is the stage of life I’m in right now. I’m doing the “mom thing,” and it is such a sweet experience, overall. I’m so grateful to have this chance. I know this stage won’t last forever, and pretty soon I won’t even have “pregnancy brain” (or even the excuse of having it!) That’ll be nice, in a big way (I mean the not-being-pregnant-anymore part). But it’ll also mean that life will be in a different stage again.

So, for now I’m going to embrace this moment. It is what it is, and really, it’s all ok. No matter what gets done before the baby comes, no matter how tired and foggy I feel right now, today is still a great day. I’ve got so much to be happy about, including the main reason I feel the way I do right now (thank you, Little Mr. Baby!)

Somehow we will all eat, my toddler will adjust, and the new baby won’t go without diapers, no matter how much I can focus or not right now. It will all work itself out. I just gotta stay present, take a deep breath and embrace the moment. And for now, that includes “pregnancy brain.” Gotta love it!

Have you ever had “pregnancy brain”? I’d love to hear about your experience!