The other night, we were driving around trying to find the “castle park” for Mikah. We pulled into a park and noticed people dragging kayaks and hauling sand toys over a hill. We were curious, so we got out and followed them. Over the top of the hill we looked down onto a little man-made lake! We decided to let Mikah try out this park instead of the one we’d been looking for. There were lots of families, and they were happy to share their life-jacket, sand toys, blanket and even their kayaks with us!

M in Kayak retouched

Mikah had a blast and it made me reflect on how sometimes it’s those unexpected moments in life that turn out to be so incredibly fun and exciting. Sometimes it’s the things that you’re not even thinking about or planning for that actually turn out to be way more amazing than the ones you thought through and planned for so carefully. It was a reminder to me about embracing the moment and enjoying the experience fully right then, even though it wasn’t anything like what we’d planned.

I love how children do that – they’re so good at focusing on what’s going on right now. Whether it’s stopping to look at a ladybug, or pointing out an airplane flying overhead, they stay in the present. They fully embrace each moment and live it with excitement and awareness. I think that’s one of the reasons they’re so happy. They don’t get caught up in the past or worry about the future. They know that right now is a good experience, and they focus on that. I’m so glad for that daily reminder from my happy little living-in-the-moment guy!

M on sand retouched