A few years ago, I suffered from a skin infection called impetigo. I had huge blemishes all over my face. I was embarrassed everywhere I went and my self-esteem was pretty low. Although I had a smile on my face, I was crying inside. I tried tons of different products and methods, but I couldn’t find anything effective to stop the breakouts.

What I didn’t know then is that my skin was just trying to do its job. It was trying to get toxins out of my body (good job, skin!)  My body was doing it’s best to keep me healthy inside.

What I did know then is that I wanted my face to stop looking the way it did! When I realized that the blemishes on my face could be tied to toxins trying to get out, I searched for ways to help my body clear out the toxins so my skin could clear up, too.

Over the years of trying to stop the breakouts, I found some really effective ways to keep my body running smoothly on the inside so that it would stop pushing the toxins out through my facial skin (thank goodness!) It’s good for the toxins to leave the body, but they can go out through other channels, if things are clear and healthy inside (like through the GI tract). Along the way, I also found some great natural products to help balance my skin, from the outside in.

Today I no longer suffer from massive breakouts. In fact, I even love my skin! If you’re suffering from breakouts and you want that to change, maybe one of these tips will help. Here are 5 of my most effective solutions for beautiful, consistently clear skin.

  1. Super-Power Your Water

It doesn’t get easier than this! Drinking water helps flush out toxins. Adding essential oils to it can help easily remove those toxins from your body in a super-powerful way!

What to do:

  • Purchase a citrus essential oil through your Doterra Essential Oil wholesale account here (discounted price) or get it at retail price here
  • Once you have your account, order a citrus oil – or 2 or 3! (Lemon is awesome, Grapefruit, Lime or Slim & Sassy – a citrus blend – are good choices, too!)
  • Add 4 drops to every 24 oz of water you drink
  • Drink your weight in water! (ex: if you weigh 165 lbs, drink 165 oz of water each day)
  • Watch your body feel better, lighter and healthier
  • Notice clearer skin as you help the toxins get out!

Citrus essential oils are super-effective for binding to toxins and flushing them out of your system through your GI tract, helping to keep your skin clear.

2) Super-Power Your Exercise

We all know that exercise is good for us. But did you know that it can promote healthy, vibrant skin tone? Exercise causes us to breathe more deeply, which means increased detoxing through your lungs. Breathing deeply is like weight lifting for our lungs – stronger lungs means better cleansing inside.

  • Practice breathing deeply for 15 minutes a day to strengthen your lungs.
  • Peppermint essential oil increases our capacity for oxygen uptake – apply to nose, or smell it periodically throughout the day.

And now you know – greater oxygen flow inside means more chances for natural detoxification.

3) Use a High-Quality, Natural Facial Care Cleansing System

I also keep my skin clear from the outside-in by balancing it, using gentle cleansers and essential oils. I’ve tried a bunch of different facial care products and systems, and this is my all-time favorite natural facial care system!

  • Get your Doterra Essential Oil wholesale account here or get the Verage Skin Care Collection at retail price here
  • Once you have your wholesale account, order this: Verage Skin Care Collection
  • And here’s my favorite all-natural, gentle facial scrub system: Reveal System
  • P.S. These products both have a guarantee that you’ll love it or you can return it!

4) Balance Your Gut

I recommend this Cleanse and Restore Kit to help remove toxins and restore balance inside. It’s a very gentle cleansing system (using essential oils), followed by a rebuilding phase to promote healthy gut PH. Remember, if things are balanced inside, your body doesn’t need to eliminate toxins through your facial skin!

5) Get More Greens

I know, I know. You want it to be one little pill to solve the whole problem. I wanted that, too. But the fact is, getting clear skin in a natural and healthy way is often a process. Sometimes it takes a lot of dedicated effort to get your body in a healthy place where your skin is functioning like you want it to. Greens are a fantastic way to gently detox the body and flood your body with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, all great things for supporting a healthy body and therefor, healthy skin.

Here are some of my favorite ways to get the greens in:

  • Eat salads at lunchtime
  • Add greens to your breakfast smoothies
  • Add spinach to your breakfast eggs
  • Add greens to your sandwich
  • Use a lettuce leaf in place of a taco shell or hamburger bun
  • Make kale chips (yum!)
  • Drink this (can I say) tasty powdered green drink if you want to quickly get in your greens

Best wishes in your journey to get clear skin!

What natural things have worked for you in getting clearer skin? I’d love to hear about it!