I know I talked a bit about the new Serenity softgels and Serenity essential oil blend that just came out at Doterra’s Convention, but I love it so much, I wanted to talk about it more!

I’ve struggled with getting good sleep for many years now, due to Lyme Disease and the years I’ve spent recovering from Lyme. My sleep patterns are all over the place, and getting consistently good sleep is something that doesn’t often happen for me, so I’m often looking for new (natural!) things to help me sleep better.

This new oil blend and capsules are fantastic for calming my body before bedtime! The new Serenity has oils added to it that have been shown in various studies to be helpful for promoting restful sleep. The capsules have essential oils in them, also including oils that are great for promoting good sleep.

I’ve been using both the Serenity oil blend and the softgels now for a couple weeks and I’m impressed! I love the smell of the Serenity blend (I used to add Vetiver to my nightly routine, and now Vetiver is in the new Serenity!) The aroma of the blend just makes me feel sleepy and relaxed immediately!

I’m excited to keep using both the Serenity blend and the softgels to see what kind of great results I can get long-term! Sweet dreams!

Have you used the new Serenity products? I’d love to hear about it!