I published my first book, “Light in the Greylands,” 8 years ago. Back then ebooks were not popular (if you can believe it!) The writing styles have also changed a lot in the past decade – people want info fast as our world’s pace gets faster and faster!

With this in mind, I’m working on a second edition of my book, including a classy new cover (see end of this blog post), new title, new updates and editing of the stories to make them more concise. I’m so excited to re-release this book! I’m including a sneak peek below that will be the first chapter of the book.

The updated book will be released early 2017!

Here’s the sneak peek from the soon-to-be released book, retitled: Always Hope:

The Happy Update

I wrote this book several years ago when I was recovering from Lyme Disease. At the time, I was single, living at my parents house and really sick. My pain was extremely high every day and my energy was incredibly low. I couldn’t care for myself, and I couldn’t pursue any of my dreams, including becoming a concert pianist – a goal that I’d been working for years to become.

With all I was physically dealing with then, I struggled with depression. I felt that life was passing me by and that I had little control over my circumstances. But I kept the tiniest spark of hope alive inside me that I never let die.

Because of that hope – a hope that I could recover and lead a normal life someday – I kept searching for answers to my health. That belief encouraged me to keep looking for answers, and to eventually recover from Lyme Disease and its degenerative effects.

It’s been over a decade now since I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I discovered lots of natural solutions for pain and illness in my search for health, and today I support a strong body. Yes, I still have many challenges with my health, and many days are still difficult to get through.

But I am married, and miraculously, have 2 children that I care for. We make accommodations to help support me physically, but my health is stable and I no longer suffer to the degree I used to.

I originally wrote this book for 2 kinds of people-

  1. to help people with chronic illness know they’re not alone and
  2. to help healthy people understand their friends and family who struggle with chronic illness.

I hope this book achieves that, and helps you understand what your friend or family member with chronic illness is facing. If you, yourself, are struggling with chronic illness, I want to let you know that things can get better, so don’t give up!

Years ago, I never, ever thought I could feel a good as I do now, and I hardly imagined I could be married with 2 active kids! It would have been very hard for me to believe that I’d have the energy I have now, or that my pain would be as low as it is now.

But I kept searching, used a lot of natural solutions – including essential oils, herbs, exercise and changes to my diet and environment – to slowly create the level of health I now support. It feels awesome and amazing to think how far I’ve come. People who knew me when I was really sick still tell me they think it’s miracle that I’m healthy now. I think it’s a miracle, too.

The point of all of this is to say, don’t give up hope! There is always tomorrow, full of possibilities! Progress can and does come. You may or may not get the life back you had before you got sick. I didn’t get my old life back. But I did get a great level of health back, and so many good things have come into my life as I’ve made progress. I honestly say that I have a better life now than I used to have, because I appreciate life so much more now. I feel lucky to be a Lyme survivor, and even luckier to be living a full life, even with the limitations Lyme has created.

I believe my life can get even better than it is now. I have seen amazing progress in my own health, as well as in the lives of so many I have coached as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. There are so many possibilities out there, if we are open-minded and willing to embrace viable health options. And that’s why I say: don’t give up, there’s always tomorrow. Hang in there…and Always Hope.

Peace and blessings on your journey!