This Christmas season, as you’re giving gifts to your friends, family, your kid’s teachers, your mom, your sister-in-law and maybe even the mailman…take a minute for yourself and give yourself this gift! The Verage facial system by Doterra is hands-down, my favorite natural facial cleansers, ever!


I’ve used many different facial systems over the years, and as I’ve changed to be more natural, I’ve looked for a system that uses natural ingredients. I LOVE this facial skin system! It meets my standards for natural ingredients, and it works great with my skin needs.

I have sensitive skin – both oily skin that’s prone to occasional blemishes, yet it can be irritated and get dry, at the same time. The Verage system covers it all and keeps my skin’s PH balanced beautifully! I notice a difference when I use it consistently.

Take time out to pamper and nourish yourself this Christmas – get yourself this gift – I think you’ll love it as much as I do!

Merry Christmas!

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