I had a hard time sleeping when I was pregnant with Mikah. I’d get out of bed in the early morning hours, open my computer and research which products I wanted to purchase for my first baby. Among the baby products, I spent around 20 hours(!) researching which cloth diaper I wanted to use.

Ok, I can’t exactly say it was entirely research that I was doing. I was deliberating and agonizing over which was the absolute best cloth diaper to wrap around my infant’s sweet little baby buns. I read all kinds of reviews, looked at different brands and even purchased a few cloth diapers to see what I liked. But after all the searching and agonizing, I couldn’t entirely commit to the whole idea of cloth diapering.


In my mind I saw myself out in a big, open field, peacefully caring for my happy baby, with cloth diapers swaying on the clothesline behind us. But the reality was that I lived in a suburban area on a tiny lot and the only thing that swayed in the breeze in my backyard were the power lines that connected to a big pole behind our fence.

Another reality check was that the thought of washing and drying diapers sounded horrible to me. I really wanted to cloth diaper, like so many of my friends were doing. I knew having fewer chemicals next to my baby’s precious skin could be helpful for his health, but as I thought about all the work of cloth diapering, I was completely overwhelmed.  

One day, Kyle and I were talking about cloth diapers (again) and he asked if I’d looked into any disposable diaper options. Immediately I thought of man-made chemicals polluting my newborn’s perfect bum-bum. I cringed and put the suggestion aside. But as my feelings of frustration continued over cloth diapering, I decided to look into disposable options.

I was really surprised when I started researching options. There were actually a lot of great choices for natural, disposable diapers. In my late-night searches, I came across a fantastic review about several diaper brands that claim to be natural. The review took a good look at what’s in diapers and published an easy-to-use comparison chart that I loved!

My Natural, Disposable Diaper Choice: the Honest Company

In the diaper deliberation, the emerging winner of my research was: The Honest Company! I love their principles and philosophies and I’m impressed with what they use – and what chemicals they exclude – from their products. I’ve been more than happy with the diapers, and the wipes are my favorite of any brand I’ve used – including the many natural wipe options I’ve tried out.

I felt so confident putting this diaper on my sweet little baby when he was born. I was really grateful I’d chosen a disposable option, as the adjustment to being a mom was not easy for me. I can’t imagine how I would have felt if I’d had to wash and dry cloth diapers.

The Bottom Line on Natural, Disposable Diapers

So what do I recommend? I love The Honest Company diapers! I wholeheartedly recommend them. They use great ingredients and exclude a bunch of harsh chemicals.

These diapers hold up fantastically to any pees and poos a baby or toddler can dish out, and the cost is comparable to other natural diapers. They deliver right to your door, along with packs of wipes. The adorable prints (don’t worry, they use all-natural dyes!) make diapering fun (did I just say that?!)


My Dream + Reality

Back to my ideal diaper dream, soon after Mikah was born, we moved to the country. We lived in an area where I could easily stand in a field of flowers with my little boy and only see trees, mountains and sky for miles around. Sometimes I’d look out my back window and imagine a clothesline blowing with cloth diapers on it. Then, the doorbell would ring, and I’d bring in my box of Honest diapers and wipes (yay!)

I never have made the transition to cloth diapering. There’s something that still resonates with me about using only cloth next to my baby’s skin. But I also have a practical side, one that respects what I can handle. It’s a good feeling to assess my abilities and preferences and make choices based on those things.

For now, that means using a natural, disposable diaper. And knowing what I can handle when it comes to caring for my kids – and respecting my energy and preferences – gives me an even better feeling than whimsically looking out my back window at a clothesline.

Natural disposable diapers have definitely been a fantastic answer for me, putting both my nature-loving heart and my practical lifestyle in perfect harmony. You might find that they do the same for you!

If you’re ready to try a fantastic natural, disposable diaper, give The Honest Company a try today!

(Clothesline pic by Peppysis)