Green smoothies are power-packed with mind-blowing amounts of nutrients! Blending fruits and veggies together is a fantastic way to get the nutrients our bodies need to be healthy, strong and energized, and it’s especially easy to get in a good amount of daily fruit and veggie servings.

After almost 10 years of making my own green smoothies, here are 9 tips I’m sharing today to help you make your own delicious green smoothies!

  1. Make it sweet! That might sound funny on a health blog, right? But there’s nothing wrong with eating sweet things – all in moderation. Whole fruit is a healthy source of natural sugar – so eat up and feel great! Add stevia, xylitol or dates to make your smoothie nice and sweet – all in a healthy way!
  2. Bananas, Oranges & Pineapple – it’s hard to go wrong using one or all of these in a smoothie. If you want to make your own recipes, start with one of these as your base.
  3. Overripe Bananas Will Cover Greens – if you have a hard time getting the greens down, cover the taste with overripe bananas. Pop a couple overripe bananas in your smoothie and it’ll be hard to taste the green stuff at all!
  4. Use Spinach – Spinach is perfect for green smoothie “beginners.” Its mild flavor is easy to cover with fruit, making it a great choice for children’s smoothies, as well!
  5. Use Kale – There are different types of kale, and all of them are nice in smoothies. Slightly stronger in flavor than spinach, they are still mild and can be a nice alternative to spinach.
  6. Add medjool dates – I know, you’re not a fan of dates, right? Don’t worry, once they’re blended, all you’ll taste is a delicious sweetness. I like using dates rather than adding honey or another sweetener, because with a date, you’re getting the whole fruit, including nutrients and fiber.
  7. Use a recipe – When getting started with green smoothies, I recommend using a recipe. It can take a while to get the hang of making delicious tasting green smoothies (ones when you can’t really taste the greens). I’m working on a green smoothie ebook right now, so check back soon to grab your copy!
  8. Don’t add ice! Ice dilutes the flavor, making your smoothie watery as it melts.
  9. Use frozen fruit – Make your smoothie ice-cold by using frozen fruit. You can buy bags of frozen fruit, or you can freeze your own bananas (after you peel them!) and other fruits if you prefer.