The months leading up to Luke’s birth were very difficult and trying for us. We moved to Arizona so Kyle could pursue a one-year Master’s degree in business. My recovery from pregnancy and childbirth with Mikah took about 2 years (due to my health at the time).

Right about the time we moved, I was feeling quite recovered from the first birth/becoming a mom experience. I felt ready to dive into a tough year of Kyle being gone all day with his MBA program, and him studying much of the night.

Things went pretty well at first, and we all settled into a new area and new routines. We really wanted to have another child, and because I was feeling so well, we decided the time was right, even though Kyle was incredibly busy.

We felt incredibly blessed to become pregnant quickly, and amidst our hectic lifestyle, we were overjoyed!

The first few weeks of the pregnancy went well, but around 6 weeks, I started to get terribly nauseated. I had a hard time keeping anything down, and I experienced more intense nausea than I’d ever felt before.

I lay on the couch most of the day, feeling wretched, trying to eat anything. Caring for Mikah became extremely difficult, especially as Kyle would leave for school in the morning and study on campus until around 1-3 am.

We had a trip scheduled to Utah on Christmas day, and things went from challenging to bad for me at that point. After we arrived in Utah, we decided I would stay in Utah with my parents so they could care for me and Mikah.

For the next 4 months, Mikah and I traveled back and forth between AZ and Utah so my parents could help us out, and we could still be together as a little family. I mostly lay on the couch all day, sick as can be. I tried everything natural I could think of, but nothing really helped with the extreme nausea and fatigue.

Since I was in Utah, I visited with the same midwife who delivered Mikah. Although we lived in Arizona, Kyle and I discussed coming to Utah to deliver, so that I could use the same midwife (who I LOVE!)

Birth story #2

We made it to May (6 ½ months pregnant) and Kyle graduated. We then decided that we would go to Utah for the delivery. I was excited as I thought about who could come to the birth – my 3 closest girlfriends (who lived in Utah) and the midwife, Dianne, that I felt so comfortable with overseeing the delivery.

On July 4th, we arrived in Utah to wait for “Little Mister Baby” to be born. He was due on July 28th, but we didn’t want to take any chances if he came early.

Wanting a little autonomy, we rented a house for the month (rather than stay at my parent’s) and I tried to relax while Kyle worked from home.

I was still tired and nauseous, but the thought of it being near the end was encouraging!

One morning, 3 weeks before his due date, I started having contractions that were regular, so I got in the tub to start laboring. An hour later though, everything stopped, and Kyle and I both went back to bed, feeling a little disappointed.

A week later, I started having regular contractions again. I got in the tub, but again, an hour later, everything stopped. I started to doubt my ability to know when I was in labor. I felt so beyond ready to have this baby come, and this “teasing” wasn’t helping!

3 days after his due date (just like Mikah!) I started having contractions that were pretty intense. I really doubted myself this time, so I just sat in bed and timed them (and moaned a lot). Kyle was about 45 mins from me, picking up a cousin at the airport. I texted him: “I really want you here with me,” and 45 mins later, he was there.

I got in the tub to labor, thinking for sure it was false labor again. But things progressed after a couple hours, and soon the birthing team started to arrive.

My best girlfriend was acting as my doula again for this birth, and I felt relieved when she arrived (in her swimsuit, no less! She’s so awesome!) She put her legs over the side of the tub and started to massage my aching low back (yep, I got horrible back labor again! Yuck!)
She guided me as the contractions got more intense, helping me to feel confident and move forward in the labor. She asked people to get essential oils for me, smoothies and popsicles, water and ice. She was incredible! I can’t imagine going through a birth without her. And I’m glad I don’t have to!

(Continued in My 2nd Home Birth Story, Part 2)