I’m excited to announce that I have some courses I’ve been creating for you!! I decided to make my first courses earlier this year in order to reach more people who deal with health challenges.

As a Holistic Health Coach, many people I work with suffer from chronic pain; others want to support a healthier lifestyle; and others are looking for emotional balance. These are all things I address in my coaching.

After thinking through how I can best help others find answers to their health challenges, I decided to try course creation, where people can access my knowledge and systems online – anywhere, anytime!

Stayed tuned to see when these come out and what each course addresses specifically! I’m planning to release my first course in August!

Thanks for being on this journey with me. It is so exciting for me to be able to offer the guidance and insights I’m able to at this point! I hope you’ll check them out and let me know what you think!