I have many “favorite” essential oils…but seriously – I LOVE Jasmine oil! There’s something about the smell of it that transports me somewhere else – I don’t know exactly where, but it might be one of the fields I heard about a few years ago.

I’m passionate about international development – aka, humanitarian work. Some of where that started here. 

So when I heard the inside story on how Doterra sources their Jasmine essential oil, I instantly felt a connection to the women who work so hard to provide themselves and their children with a better life – while bringing the healing power and indescribably amazing scent of Jasmine to me.

Sometimes when I open my bottle of Jasmine, I picture a woman in India picking Jasmine flowers out in a field as the sun rises. I imagine a child by her side, amusing himself in the rows of Jasmine bushes as his mother picks and gathers the flowers. I see this woman bending and plucking again and again, for hours. I wonder if she is weary from this painstaking work each day. I think of the heat as the sun begins to beat down on her as the day wears on. I watch her walk down row after row, moving steadily from bush to bush, skillfully picking handfuls of white blossoms and dropping them in the basket at her feet.

At last, I imagine her picking up her basket brimming with fragrant flowers and calling to her child. I watch them walk down a dusty road to a collector who will pay her for her flowers and then deliver the Jasmine to a distillery to extract the essential Jasmine oil.

Having seen poverty firsthand in developing countries, I think about what this job might mean to a woman who picks Jasmine flowers for her livelihood. Currently, roughly 360 million people live below the poverty line in India, which is only $.50 per day.

Knowing about Doterra’s impressive, fair and transparent sourcing they employ as the standard for their company, I feel confident as I imagine this woman, knowing she is being treated with fairness by those paying her. I imagine she feels very fortunate to have a job, and one that pays her fairly for her work, at that. I suppose I sleep a little better at night as I imagine her having money she needs for necessities for her and her family.

Why do I connect with these women? Our jobs, lifestyles, and the amenities we enjoy in life hardly bear any similarities. We live in drastically different circumstances in different places on the planet. I will likely never meet these women.

And yet, it seems somehow that I’m not so very different from them. We are both women with hopes and dreams for our futures, and the futures of our children. We both have hearts that beat with not only life-blood, but also with visions for a better life. I dream of what I will do to help make the world a better place for people just like her – and perhaps she dreams of a world that’s just a little kinder and gentler for her and her people – where children have a safe, warm roof overhead, and little mouths do not cry in despair and hunger.
I have plans to help people like this woman. Humanitarian work is in my heart – and I’ve got schemes and dreams right now I’m working on to put those plans into action. Until then, I’ll keep buying my Jasmine essential oil from Doterra, knowing that I literally am helping that woman in India. I’m helping her feed her children, provide precious opportunities for their education, and helping to ease the disparity of our two worlds – one that has so much, and one that has so little.

As I keep buying my Doterra Jasmine, I’m helping to give her a brighter today – and as I open my bottle of Jasmine oil and take in that deep breath of bliss – she’s giving me a brighter today, too.