and I love living in a natural way. I use food and stuff from nature to keep my body healthy and vibrant and keep my family healthy, too! I have lots of energy to do what I want in life. But I haven’t always been this way. In fact, I used to have Lyme disease, I was really sick and I didn’t know about natural health options. I was really frustrated with my life. But that changed. 

My Health Journey

Several years ago, I was studying to attend a music conservatory. At age 17, I practiced the piano 6 hours a day and I was an athlete as well. I loved to work hard and push my body and mind to the limit. But the summer I graduated from high school, I was so tired, I struggled to get through each day. I went to my doctor and found out I had mono. I thought things would get better soon. But they didn’t. In fact, they got worse. A whole lot worse.

Feeling somewhat crummy overall, I started college in the fall. I began to have constant headaches. My jaw ached and locked up so I could hardly open it. Then I started having shooting pain in my hips, to the point that just walking across campus was excruciating. My energy continued to plummet. I had to stop athletics, but I was determined to keep focused on piano. For an entire year I pushed through school, thinking things would get better. I kept going to doctors, but all my tests came back negative. I continued to be in really intense pain all the time and my energy was incredibly low.

My health story became complicated over the next several years, but you can get a basic overview below. if you want lots more details, you can also read my book!


So, what is Sundance Romance?

I first met my husband, Kyle, at Sundance Ski Resort. We randomly sat on the the same chairlift one January day. We talked all the way to the top, but skied off in different directions and didn’t see each other again until March. One day in March, we got in the chairlift line next to each other (again randomly!) and started chatting. Kyle had been hoping to see me again, and asked me to ski with him at the end of his shift (as a ski instructor). I fell for Kyle that day, and the “Sundance Romance” began.



My health was no longer declining when I met Kyle, but I was still extremely limited in what I could do for myself. I was skiing as “physical therapy,” slowly rebuilding my strength as I continued to recover from years of previous illness. Between age 17 and meeting Kyle, my health had been a roller coaster, including being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease with a few surgeries in the mix, too.

At age 26, my pain was high and my energy was low, and so I couldn’t really do much with my life. But that season, I was able to go to the local ski resort a few days a week and spend around 30 mins to an hour skiing. Kyle and I met while skiing, so he assumed I was healthy. I was so worried to share with him what my life was actually like – how limited I was and how much I depended on my parents to care for me physically – that I tried to hide it at first.

But he won my trust and my heart and soon I shared the truth about my life. The day I told him, I expected he would somehow kindly end our relationship, but instead, he shocked me by seeing beyond my broken body, and loved me as I was. We skied through the end of the season and married when the resort closed for the winter.

in sickness & in health 3

“In sickness and in health” took on a whole new meaning for me. I was amazed over and over by how much Kyle loved me. Kyle took over what my parents had been doing for me, making all my meals, doing everything around the house, supporting me financially, and making sure I was cared for in every way.

Together, we searched for health solutions to help my health progress. Kyle was so open and willing to try new things, and his encouragement and support allowed me to be patient with myself and love myself as I was. Although, I wanted to be hiking up and down the mountains near our home, many days it was still hard for me just to get up and down the stairs to our house.

But with consistency and constant attention to my health, I made progress.

What Did I Change?

When doctors told me that they no longer had new solutions to help my health progress after Lyme Disease, I searched out natural solutions to help me make a full recovery. I had a feeling that I wasn’t meant to live in all the pain I was living in, and with such low energy. I wasn’t willing to accept that I was going to live my whole life feeling crummy, so I kept searching until I found answers to help support a strong and energetic body.

As you can see below, a lot has changed in my approach from where I started 16 years ago.


How do I “embrace life naturally”?

For years I fought against illness, pretended I had no limitations with Lyme Disease, and dreamed about being back in my old, healthy body. But when I let that go and embraced the new me, I was able to create a life that today, I honestly love.

I accept the fact that my energy levels are still not what they used to be. I embrace the reality that I will never accomplish some of my former dreams. And as I have accepted myself as I am, I’ve been able to listen to my inner voice and become my best self, focusing on the great things I do have, and making my hopes into realities. As I’ve accepted my desire to have better health, it has allowed me to accept myself as I am, to accept natural health solutions, to make new dreams, and to reach out to others.

To me, embracing life naturally means embracing everything about ourselves – who we are, our challenges, our strengths – and those around us as we create a life we love!

I’m Passionate About Natural Health Solutions

For so many years, I didn’t know I had any natural health solutions, so I used medicine and medications that had side-effects. Unfortunately, I suffered side-effects from the medications, in addition to the severe pain of Lyme disease. Because medicine only treats symptoms – not the illness – my body wasn’t healing. The options I had then were not capable of supporting the vibrant health I yearned to have. Luckily I kept searching until I found effective natural health solutions – solutions that support abundant health naturally!

Curious what natural health solutions are? Click here to read more!


How I Feel Now

It’s been almost 9 years since my personal Sundance Romance began – the time when I really started to embrace my natural journey. Through consistent efforts and diligent work, my body has made fantastic recovery!

I’d be lying if I said I don’t still suffer from the effects of Lyme disease. I still feel some pain on a daily basis, and my energy is still affected.

But when I stop and think about the past, I’m amazed that I became healthy enough to be a mom! When I was really ill, being pregnant and caring for a child was something I only dreamed about. There were years when I was suffering from Lyme disease that I couldn’t lift a gallon of milk without days of pain afterward. I wondered how – and if – things would ever change.

Now there are days when I hike in the mountains with my husband and kids, and it truly feels fantastic! Changing to have a natural lifestyle and coming to a realization that I have control over my health and my life made whole health possible for me. I’ve found that nature can meet so many of my needs if I’m willing to be open-minded, make changes and use solutions that are right in front of me.

By using natural solutions on a consistent basis, my body did what bodies are meant to do – heal themselves! We just have to find how to support them to maintain natural health.

I’m still on my journey, but today, I feel great! My energy is predictable and my pain is low. It definitely didn’t happen overnight – in fact, it’s taken years of being consistent with natural solutions to reach the health I now enjoy. But I think health is possible! I believe you can embrace life naturally, too – and I’ll show you what to do!


Here at Sundance Romance, I share some of what I’ve learned over the past 16 years.  I’m a Lyme Disease survivor, Certified Holistic Health Coach, health business owner, author and blogger. I searched for years to find the best methods and products to help support health, which means the process of supporting a healthy, energetic lifestyle can be a lot faster for you!

I love sharing what I’ve learned here, and as a Coach. I believe health and energy are possible using natural solutions – all without side-effects.

I believe you can dive into natural health options and embrace your life naturally, too – and I’ll show you how! I can’t wait to see where your natural health journey will take you!

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Meet Our Health Coaches!

Sherri Rice

Sherri Rice

Health Coach, Business Coach

Always a maverick, Sherri went vegan 28 years ago, before most people even knew what vegan was! She made this diet change in an effort to turn around major health issues she was suffering from at the time. Doctors gave her no answers for what she was dealing with, so following her intuition, she began her journey in natural health. The past 3 decades of study and application in nutrition and the natural health field have given her a wealth of information and experience.

Sherri has been a dancer her whole life and has owned a studio and taught dance for 30 years as part of an active lifestyle. She feels fortunate to lead the vibrant life she does, due to what she believes are key health choices, and she loves teaching others to support natural and healthy lifestyles.

Sherri is usually either laughing or smiling. She’s passionate about people and all things positive. Her appreciation for life and its joys come from deep within.

Sherri is the mother of 4 children and grandma to 5 grandkids. She’s a gifted gardener, and feels most alive connecting with nature with her fingers deep in soil, growing new things. Feeling healthy, living intuitively, staying active and doing what she loves in life complete her picture.

Areas of expertise: Nutrition, Sprouting, Gardening, Essential Oils, Rehabilitation, Health and Aging, Natural Wellness

Karen Heap

Karen Heap

Health Coach, Massage Therapist

Karen is a licensed massage therapist and owner of a massage studio. She was raised in a natural environment, and didn’t know what ice-cream was until she was around age 6! (She thought frozen, blended bananas were ice-cream!) Karen has built on what she learned as a child, and continues to eat a clean diet and live in a natural way. Always sensitive to her body and environment, Karen lives with a great respect for life.

Karen loves to search for new information, especially about natural health. Karen actively seeks out cutting-edge methods in the natural health arena – including emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health – and openly shares her findings with others. Knowledgeable and credible, Karen speaks and teaches with authority and accuracy to back her information.

Confident, peaceful, sensitive and logical are words that could be used to describe Karen. She instills respect for life, both by her years of experience in the natural health field and through her extensive and ongoing studies. She methodically assesses an individual’s health from a whole-health point of view and finds success as she helps others implement good health practices. One of her favorite things to see is someone’s life improve as they make positive health changes. She capably supports those who work with her to improve their health and quality of life.

Living in a sustainable house is one of Karen’s long term dreams (maybe one with an indoor tropical garden and heating and cooling system using only sun-power!) She loves camping with her husband and little girl, working in her massage studio and eating fresh food from her yard.

Areas of Expertise: Emotional Eating, Aware Parenting, Vegan Diet, Nutrition, Baby and Childhood Nutrition, Essential Oils, Essential Oils for Massage, Natural Birthing, Natural Wellness

Lavi Balaj

Lavi Balaj

Health Coach, Massage Therapist

Lavi is a licensed massage therapist and energetic mother of 3 beautiful girls. She has a deep connection with life and her purpose in it.

Lavi loves to eat organically grown foods and gather eggs from her own chickens. She has a passion for raising her children to understand the importance of clean eating, teaching them how food choices affect their immediate health as well as their possibilities for the future.

Lavi has seen the power of essential oils in her own life and within her circle of influence. She loves to share the benefits of incorporating essential oils into a healthy lifestyle.

Energetic, vivacious, strong and spunky, Lavi loves to share about the incredible benefits of natural health. With her deep understanding of how natural living can affect the body, Lavi is a trusted teacher and instructor.

Areas of Expertise: Essential Oils for Massage, Essential Oils for Babies & Children, Organic Foods, Natural Child Wellness, Healthy Weight and Food Choices

Cynthia Dayton

Cynthia Dayton

Health Coach, Business Coach, Health Business Owner

Cynthia is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a natural health business owner. She began her journey in natural health around age 30, when her energy was so low, she often found herself lying in bed most of the day. With 4 active children and no answers from the medical world, she searched for solutions to her health. She found what she was seeking when she discovered natural solutions. With dedication, she successfully recovered her health, and today she enjoys better health than when she was in her 20s!

Always open to new ideas, Cynthia uses research to implement various techniques and natural solutions into her health business and her own diet and lifestyle.

Cynthia’s an experienced teacher by profession. Her vast resources of knowledge in the natural health field come from both ongoing personal study and certification. She is a dedicated health coach and loves to help her team of health coaches reach their goals and succeed in their businesses.

Cynthia has a bold and empowering personality. She’s a strong supporter of women succeeding and loves to help others make and attain their goals. Friendly and outgoing, Cynthia feels happiest surrounded by friends and groups of people.

Areas of Expertise: Essential Oils, Nutrition, Child Nutrition, Health and Aging, Cleansing, Green Smoothies, Health Coaching, Teaching, Healthy Weight and Food Choices, Natural Wellness

Cynthia’s Website:

Kyle Spencer

Kyle Spencer

Business Strategist, Business Consultant

Kyle is a business consultant and gifted strategist. With a keen ability to see many moving variables and outcomes all at once, Kyle is able to direct companies and businesses to measurable improvement and sustainable success. Naturally living outside the box, Kyle easily thinks about business with unique perspectives and viewpoints, often not previously considered by others.

Kyle has years of business consulting experience, including consulting with health coaches for the past 4 years. He plays an integral role as a team member, helping health coaches find success in their personal businesses. If you decide to become a health coach here, you’ll likely have the opportunity of consulting with Kyle for your own business.

Kyle leads a very active lifestyle. He enjoys using essential oils and nutritious food to enhance the well being of himself and his family.

Kyle loves being with people as much as possible. Quick-witted and an extrovert, Kyle’s positive and gregarious nature are sure to uplift anyone who interacts with him.
Seeing people succeed in their businesses and personal lives brings Kyle satisfaction.

Areas of Expertise: Business Strategy, Consulting, Health and Wellness
Accreditation: Master’s Degree in Business (MBA)