Welcome to the resource page! I share some of my absolute favorite products here and must-haves for easy, natural living! Having the right tools makes all the difference in making natural living really doable. I may receive a commission when you purchase these products, so keep on adding great natural products to your life and I’ll keep giving great suggestions as I test out products for you!

This is my first book! It was first published in 2007. The second edition is in progress, so check back for updates!

Modern Essentials  is a must-have if you want to learn how to use essential oils in daily life. It’s simple to use, with an explanation of each Doterra oil in the front, as well as an extensive section where you can look up the body system you’re looking to support, and it will suggest oils to use. This is the book that really educated me on essential oils and usages.

This book is excellent as a guide for using oils during pregnancy. I got to hear this author midwife speak at a conference, and I love the guidelines she gives in her book. This book gave me a lot of confidence to use essential oils during my pregnancy, birth experience and on my newborn!

This is the book that got me into green smoothies and changed my life in a major way! It has research in the front and lots and lots of green smoothie recipes, getting even the most beginner of beginners going on green smoothie health!

This is the Vitamix I have and use every day! It’s fabulous for blending soups, nut butters, healthy ice-cream, fruit smoothies and green smoothies! I wouldn’t want to live without it!

If you’re committed to cooking on non-toxic cookware but you also value the non-stick surface, prepare to fall in love! I couldn’t be more impressed with the cooking abilities of these pots and pans. I feel awesome knowing they aren’t leeching toxins into my food, and they literally clean up with a wipe of a washcloth! All the non-toxic ceramic pans I’ve tested pale in comparison to these lightweight, heavy-duty titanium pans.

This knife is incredible for chopping your hundreds of fruits and veggies! I would be very sad in my kitchen without this knife that makes preparing whole foods so much easier. This knife cuts down on the time and effort you spend cutting your fresh produce (because  they already take enough time to prepare, right?!) As long as the chopping must be done, make it easier with this knife!

This stand mixer has made my life so much simpler! I used to use a hand mixer because I thought it was too much effort to pull out the stand mixer. Once I started using this mixer, though, I was shocked by how much faster it mixed! And it definitely gets out all the lumps my little hand mixer can’t. Cleanup is a snap, and it handles perfectly. Love it!

This makes the best healthy ice-cream ever! No ice or salt needed, just freeze the inner bowl, throw in your ingredients and plug it in for 30 minutes. We’ve made many an ice-cream dessert for our friends…and for ourselves! Delicious, refreshing and all-natural ice-cream, available in your kitchen, on demand (Yum!).

For the nature-loving Mom, this is the only stroller that can handle it all! I use mine on beaches, in the snow and on walks through bumpy forest and mountain terrain, not to mention in busy cities and around the block. I’ve tested lots of different strollers and nothing compares to the BOB!

If you’re looking for an all-in-one all-terrain carrier for your child, this is it! It converts from a stroller to a bike trailer to a hiking and skiing rickshaw! For the outdoor enthusiast, this is where it’s at! This has really allowed me to get out in nature with my child!

This kit is great for your essential oil DIY projects. I love making my own blends for body care and house cleaning! Comes with the mini Modern Essentials book.
This keychain carrier is perfect for taking your essential oils with you in a simple way. I love this little case – it’s convenient, small and gives me access to my essential oils wherever I am!
I love this case for organizing my oils! The sturdy wood supports and protects the oil bottles, and the feature for the roller bottles is great.

If you’re like me, I’m constantly trying to find on-the-go snacks that are healthy – food that’s natural and clean, without added sugars or additives. When it comes to prepared snacks, here are some of my favorites!

I really love this fruit leather! I’ve tested a bunch of different brands, and this one doesn’t give me a “sugar buzz” afterwards.

This is my long-time favorite fruit & nut bar. I’ve tried a lot of brands out there, and LaraBar has been consistent with their ingredients, keeping it to a minimum (3-5 ingredients, all natural). Peanut Butter Cookie and Chocolate Coconut Chew are my current favorites. Check them out, I think you’ll love them, too!

These are divine! If you love dried bananas, I dare you to find a store-bought dried banana that tastes better than this one! It tastes like it just came off the fruit dryer. I have a hard time limiting myself on these! Yum!

I discovered the beauty of freeze-dried fruit just last year. I learned that freeze-dried fruit actually retains more nutrients than dried fruit (who knew?!) I like this brand because it’s non-GMO verified, has a crisp crunch to it, and tastes great!

I know, it seems a little weird, right? It’s a staple snack in Asian countries, and as a dark green plant, it delivers loads of potassium, magnesium and iron. My vegan friend introduced us to them, and my son gobbled them up right along with her kids. I was a believer, and now my son stuffs in the seaweed by the handfuls! 

These are really tasty, organic, and feature chia seed and kale (love it!) With a fresh squeeze of mango, the flavor is fantastic! They do have concentrated fruit sugar, so I limit how many we eat. If you love pouches, I bet you’ll love this one!

If you’re a fan of pine nuts, these make a great snack wherever your adventures take you. We eat them by the handfuls! I always get organic – it’s worth it!

These little packets are so convenient! We’ve eaten them on airplanes, in the car and on adventures all over. They deliver a perfect amount of peanut butter, come in a great little packet, and leave out the mess! I approve!

If I get a craving for something sweet, I grab one of these xylitol candies! Xylitol is a natural sugar (found in plants) that has zero effect on blood sugar – how is that possible?! (but it’s totally awesome!) We love xylitol in our home! These candies taste great and satisfy that sweet craving with all of the good and none of the bad!

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