My life before Doterra Essential Oils

If you’ve read my story, you know that just a few years ago, I was really sick. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease at age 24, and I felt dependent on medicine to solve my health problems, to get me feeling peppy and pain-free again (like I used to be). I was treated with antibiotics for an entire year, and I was re-diagnosed as Lyme-free (hooray!) one year later. Medicine had gotten rid of the Lyme disease, but didn’t know what to do for Post-Lyme Syndrome that I was experiencing. I was told to go live my life. But my pain level was extremely high and my energy was extremely low. I couldn’t do much because of Post-Lyme symptoms.

I decided that I wasn’t going to live the rest of my life without a healthy body, so I kept looking for answers to help me completely recover. I tried lots of natural solutions, like improving my diet, physical therapy, yoga, supplements and lots of other things.

Why I tried Doterra Essential Oils

One day, my husband’s friend introduced him to the top brand of essential oils. I’d used several brands of essential oils at that point, so they just sat on my counter for a long time. I would look at them once in a while and think, “I’ve tried essential oils before. Why do I wanna try something I’ve already tried?” But my pain was still really high, so one day I opened the bottle.

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful smell. It was different than other brands of essential oils I’d used. I can’t really put my finger on it, but this brand was clear and fresh – those are the first words that come to mind. The next thing I noticed was the feel of it on my skin. I have pretty sensitive skin, and this brand just felt wonderful. I was kind of surprised, as I’d assumed it would be about like every other essential oil I’d tried. But there was something different about these essential oils, and because a few of my friends were using Doterra oils, I kept wondering if they really could be different than other essential oil brands.


You can take Doterra Essential Oils internally! 

One day, my friend told me that you can take Doterra essential oils internally, and I was shocked! I was familiar with 7 different brands of essential oils, and none of them were safe to drink. I wondered why Doterra’s were safe to take inside, and I was really excited to find out more. I did some research and was super happy to find out the truth – that essential oils are from nature, and the only reason why most brands can’t be taken internally is because they are chemically changed. Doterra’s oils are pure, which means they take the plant, squeeze out the the essential oil and put it in a bottle –  that’s it!

Because Doterra’s oils were different than others I’d used, I wondered if they could help me heal, not just temporarily reduce pain. I decided that if essential oils was going to help me the most, I really wanted to get them inside my body, so they could support health from the inside out.

That’s when I heard about Doterra’s supplements, which have essential oils in them. I’d tried around 45 brands of supplements up to that point, but I was still excited to try the Doterra brand – especially when I learned of the 100% money-back guarantee (no gimmicks!) I was pretty sure Doterra’s supplements were not gonna make a big difference for me, so I was excited to get my money back! But always searching out the best natural products, I was excited to try out the supplements, and for free if I didn’t like them!


My Own Doterra Test

I wondered, if Doterra oils and supplements were so different from any other brands I’d used, could they actually reduce my pain permanently? That’s what I was looking for, permanent pain-reduction, so I looked up every analgesic oil (pain-relieving oils) and ordered one of everything from Doterra! Then I made up a travel case of those oils and I started my little test.

What I did:

My pain would spike several times a day, and once the pain peaked, it was really hard to bring down. I decided I’d apply an oil every time I felt the first pain spike. If I could stop the pain before it peaked, I hoped I could shut off the constant pain signals to my brain. Then, my body would stop hurting all the time!

I started my little self-experiment, applying oils and taking Doterra’s supplements daily. I was diligent and found that I needed to put essential oils on about 20 times a day. I felt kinda pathetic applying oils so often, but I also didn’t care because I just wanted something to work. At first, I noticed that my pain responded in a similar way to other essential oil brands – the oils would help my pain for a few hours, but then the pain would come back.


And then, I found that Doterra was different!

My pain was so high at the time that I had to use extra cushions everywhere I went. I sat on the pad from a wheelchair and would put a throw pillow behind my back everywhere I went. Embarrassing? Yes! Think of walking into a restaurant with 2 big cushions and then sitting on those! That was me. Yep, I got a lot of funny looks, but hey, it’s what I had to do to stay out of severe pain.

Two weeks after I started using Doterra supplements and essential oils consistently, something amazing happened.

Here’s what had happened that day – I’d driven all around town for a couple hours without my pillows and hadn’t even noticed my cushions were missing. I hadn’t done that in years!  Like, 6 years or more. So what did it mean? The pain was going down!

Since I’m constantly trying new natural things, I had to stop and think – why was I feeling so much better? It took a minute to realize that the only thing I was doing differently was using Doterra supplements and essential oils. It was then that I knew the Doterra brand was different than the other brands I’d used.

Yes! I love Doterra Essential Oils!

Since that first time when I opened that bottle on my counter, I’ve used Doterra essential oils hundreds and hundreds of times. I used them at big events – like the natural home birth of my baby – and for smaller things – like when I burn my fingers in the kitchen. They’ve helped my pain go way down and my energy go way up. Really, Doterra helped me get my life back again. And that’s why I love Doterra essential oils!

  • I get consistent results with Doterra essential oils – every time!
  • Doterra oils work for me
  • I have my life back because of Doterra essential oils
  • Doterra oils work for my friends and family
  • Doterra oils work for my clients
  • Doterra oils are safe to use on children and adults
  • Doterra oils are pure – they are plants in a bottle (that’s it!)
  • Doterra oils come from around the world! (do you know how cool that it?!)
  • Doterra uses Co-Impact Sourcing and they do it right! (that speaks to my humanitarian heart!!)
  • I get my oils free – and you can, too! (who doesn’t love free?!)

Can you see why I use Doterra essential oils? I love them – and I think you will, too!

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